As a custom vinyl pool builder, Little Ray's Pool Service specializes in vinyl liner replacements. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to every detail.  The process begins with accurately measuring your pool to ensure a precise fit and ends with a perfect wrinkle-free installation.  We offer liner replacements for aboveground pools whether overlap style or beaded.  Do you have a surrounding deck or perimeter fencing?  This is no problem for us as we are fully prepared for all the  challenges that the job may pose.  We will also bring in a fresh layer of sand or appropriate base material if necessary to give you a new, smooth floor surface.  If desired, we can also provide and install protective wall foam to give your new liner added protection.  We are happy to offer inground liner replacements for all pool shapes and sizes whether a standard rectangle or grecian to the most elaborate of freeform styles with steps, benches or swimouts.  Our custom inground liners are manufactured locally and are offered in a variety of patterns and colors to give your pool that special, personalized look.  Once your new liner is installed, we can also coordinate a water delivery to have your pool filled and ready to enjoy immediately. See below for available liner patterns


Aboveground Liner Replacements

When it comes time to replace the liner in your aboveground pool, nobody does a better, more thorough job than our liner team.  We pride ourselves on being liner specialists and with that you can expect your liner to fit correctly with no wrinkles.  Whether you have a traditional overlap style liner, a beaded liner, a dished-out bottom or a surrounding deck, you can trust that the job will be done correctly.  It is our standard practice to refinish the sand base and add fresh sand where needed, inspect the wall for any rough or rusting areas, replace the gaskets on the skimmer and inlet and dispose of the old liner.  If you wish to have water delivered we can coordinate that for you as well.  See below for available liner patterns.